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Design Services

Whether you are buying a new home, remodeling or just tired of the feel of your home make sure you ask about our FREE in home design services. We have three designers available to you at NO cost to help you every step of the way. We understand that it is scary and challenging to take on a project like this and we don’t want you to make mistakes! Rather, we will work with you to achieve that HGTV total home makeover you always dreamed of. Some of the design services include:

  • Planning your rooms/rooms
  • Review main choices of furniture
  • Completing the room with accessories (Rugs, lamps, tables, greenery, etc.)

We find most success in the total home makeover is created when the client allows the designer to see your home in person. This offers so much more of an effect to the final look of the project because the designer is able to assist with areas that may not have been thought of before such as: lighting, accessorizing, wall art, greenery and more. The In-Home appointment is when the designer will:

  • Take Measurements by assessing the layout of the home
  • Take the time to really get to know the clients needs and DREAMS
  • Get a better idea of what the customers style is
  • Build from the clients “treasures” that they wish to keep
  • Create color palettes

Our designers are here to help you and make this a fun and exciting experience!

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